Little “Big” man

     Peyton Manning loving new wide out Wes Welker!  Who watched tonight game? WOW!!  I feel that after watching this game Tom Brady is like They should have payed the man!!!  Sometimes you don’t know what you got til its gone.  Show the world you were worth the money “Mighty Mouse”!!!!



Sports without politics!

There is always a debate on who is the best at what ever sport you like.  You should be entitled to your opinion, but don’t let the media hype choose for you.  Do some research,  watch the sport you comment about and make your own decisions.  Remember that there is more to a sport than numbers.  Number can be deceiving and I believe are over-rated for the most part. (Example: Michael Jordan has 6 NBA Championship and Robert Horry has 7.)  The number of Championships is used in a lot of debates, but does it really dictate  greatness?  To an extent of course, but I bet no one will ever argue that Horry was a better player than Jordan.  So how much should the numbers actually matter?  What about work ethic?  How about willingness to change your approach to the game?  Survival of the fittest!!  In order to survive you must adapt or you will be obsolete.